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Forks for transport bal



The bale transport device was specially designed for the careful transport of two round bales. Due to the newer construction design, the center of gravity is close to the vehicle.


  • Bales can be picked up hydraulically one after the other
  • The pipes can be individually adjusted to the desired width by simply pulling the safety screws

Technical details:

  • Heavy design – pipe length 1360 mm
  • Maximum 1000 kg per bale
  • Small transport width: approx. 2320 mm when folded
  • Stretched width: 3400 mm
  • Stretched width (fully stretched): 3800 mm
  • Bale picker opening width: from 850 mm to 1100 mm;
  • Possibility of adjusting the baler 5 x 50 mm

The images are symbolic. See how the connector works in the clip below: