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Löwe sweepers



“Easy to clean” Löwe sweeper can be used for several tasks. You can sweep, push and even both at the same time! The hot-dip galvanized sweeping broom is ready to use in just a few minutes, as no hydraulic connections are required. 8 high-performance brushes save you an extra 3/4 of the time compared to rotating attachments. Our strong bristles ensure maximum sweeping capacity and a long service life. Wide broom brackets improve floor guidance. With the Fliegl “Löwe” sweeping broom, you can sweep and clean your workplace in a very short time. In winter, you can use a sliding blade to remove snow and sweep the remaining snow behind it.


  • Sweeping brush with 8 types of plastic brushes, optionally with 4 additional types of brushes
  • Hydraulic or mechanical drives are not required
  • The best protection against rust with complete galvanization
  • Clean without dust
  • No maintenance
  • Highly robust support frame with standard combined euro and forklift bracket (internal dimensions for forklift straps: 154 x 74 mm)
  • Smooth surfaces for quick and easy broom cleaning
  • Best sweeping efficiency even on uneven surfaces

The images are symbolic. See how the connector works in the clip below: